Project Duration
April 2020 - September 2021

Basic and Detailed Engineering Studies of LPG Wagon Unloading Unit Project

The customer, the largest industrial company in Turkey, has four refineries established in Kocaeli, İzmir, Kırıkkale, and Batman, with a total crude oil processing capacity of 28.1 million tons per year. As Europe’s 7th largest refining capacity, the company is one of the most complex refineries in the Mediterranean region, with an average Nelson complexity index of 9.5. After completing the Residuum Upgrade Project (RUP), the Izmit Refinery now has the highest complexity of any refinery in the region.

LPG transportation is planned between Izmit and Kirikkale by rail. It is planned to establish a Wagon LPG Unloading Unit. Wagons to be loaded from the Izmit refinery will be at Kirikkale Refinery. It is planned to be discharged with the help of compressors. The facility planned to be established has a capacity of 1500 tons/day. The process should take 10 hours (6 hours discharge, 4 hours LPG vapor recovery).

GIZIL is awarded as an engineering subcontractor to perform basic and detailed engineering deliverables of the project.

There are approximately 500 unique deliverables for all disciplines (process, safety, civil, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control) in the context of this project.

Main scopes of the projects as follows:

  • Design of LPG transfer and utility lines outside the battery limit
  • Checking the Material Specifications of the current relevant lines
  • BEDD Review and its redesign, adding additional shut-off, control valve and control philosophy
  • Calculation of the explosion effect and preparation of the solution proposal report
  • Process control philosophy (IFR, IFD, IFC)
  • Hazardous Area Classification Drawings (IFD, IFC)
  • Fire Network Layout Drawing
  • PFD
  • Equipment Process Datasheets
  • Single Line Diagram (General, Switchgear, MCC)
  • Designing 3 new railways
  • Control Board architectural design and layout
  • Material purchasing specifications of all equipment in the unit (RV, PSV, PCV, Filling Arms, Compressors etc.)
  • Preparation of WPSs
  • Civil, Mechanical, Electric & Electronics MTOs
  • Preparation of Concrete / Steel design and application projects (except skid compressors)
  • Design of all necessary support, pipe rack, road crossings and preparation of application projects
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