GIZIL can provide EPCM services, a contract awarded to offer engineering, procurement, and construction management services. The owner company directly engages other companies to deliver construction services, and they are often administered on the owner's behalf by GIZIL.

Due to the movement of project risk away from the owner company and onto the EPC Contractor, EPC contracting tends to be more expensive to the owner. Thus, construction patterns have shifted away from EPC contracting and toward EPCM contracting. Our experienced team in project management, engineering, procurement, and construction management assumes responsibility for the small and medium-sized projects and coordinates them throughout their life cycle, beginning with the feasibility study, concept design, engineering, procurement, and construction management. This is backed up by cutting-edge 3D modeling and design tools and advanced services like laser scanning and digital twinning. These technologies significantly increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of project delivery.