Hydrocarbons play an important part in satisfying the world's energy demands. The companies that provide upstream services in the oil industry confront substantial challenges, including significant investments and high energy usage. Furthermore, aged equipment must fulfill ever-increasingly stringent safety and environmental compliance criteria. Industries must constantly review and enhance their procedures to maintain dependable and safe operations.

Digitalization is very critical. Since upstream industries increasingly require improved capital efficiency, digitalization may help achieve this by driving operational improvements. For example, some companies use a CAD-type, augmented-reality (AR)-enhanced digital twin to assist field workers and subject matter experts working in an office or other location remotely collaborating in real-time to monitor, repair, or improve equipment. The collaborators may collaborate in a 3D virtual space around the actual piece of equipment by using virtual reality glasses.

Major digital activities undertaken by the industry

  • Asset Simulation, Monitoring, & Control (Digital Twin)
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Safety – Worker Management
  • HR – Immersive Simulated Training
  • Drilling Automation
  • Unman Operations and Robots
  • Data and Workflow Integration

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