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Mining and metals businesses, more than ever, must rethink their business model to address our society's economic and environmental problems. Much of the solution comes from using resources more effectively by considering the mine's whole life cycle.

A comprehensive strategy that includes your employees utilizes technology and adapts to your processes will aid in the consolidation of your goals into practical, agile, and high-performance plans. Iron, one of the world's most prevalent metals, is used to make several steel forms. Iron ore miners are under intense pressure from competition and volatile metal prices despite high demand. Producers must seek to optimize their processes more than ever before to attain adequate profit margins.

GIZIL provides a one-stop shop for engineering, design, and project management services ranging from early studies through EPCM projects. We assist customers with small to medium size CAPEX projects and long-term support for OPEX services throughout the plant lifespan. Our engineering services cover all aspects of an investment project, from feasibility studies through project development (e.g., pre-engineering, FEL), detailed engineering and field engineering in the project implementation phase. Our position might range from EPCM contractor to owner's engineering partner to detailed engineering supplier.

Mining and metals firms work in a complicated environment that includes corporate rules and processes, external standards, and local and national laws and regulations. A combination of paper, spreadsheets, dispersed databases, blackboards, and inadequate verbal communication has frequently been utilized to organize and record occurrences in the mining business. Mining and metals businesses may use digital technologies to create a digital platform that centralizes and connects operations, maintenance, safety, engineering, and real-time data. Human operations procedures, maintenance work orders, real-time and historical process data, engineering schematics, and technical documentation are combined with 3D models and laser scans to create a full Digital Twin for operations. Gizil's digitalization solutions can assist you in creating intelligent information from unstructured, duplicated, and disconnected data and documentation, as well as structured digital data sources and databases, and consolidating them to maximize your operations.

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