We can offer an end-to-end service, from feasibility studies to operation and maintenance, with as much or as little involvement as you want. You can also choose from any of our services below to complement your in-house resources.


We offer a range of feasibility studies based on our client’s individual requirements. Our expertise in energy storage is backed up by a depth of experience overseeing the building of dozens of solar and (on- and offshore) wind projects.

Our company has always placed a premium on executing and observing testing. And we bring all of that expertise, as well as a worldwide reputation for dependability and independence, to the field of energy storage. As a consequence, all stakeholders may have complete faith in any test findings assuring your project's timely completion.


The best option for ensuring a constant power supply under all circumstances

BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) compensates for the intermittency of renewable energy sources, offering crucial value for operators by ensuring a constant supply of power, avoiding renewable energy curtailment and maximizing profitability.

Customized storage solutions for your needs

Grid-scale BESS systems span from containerized units to specialized buildings. The solution will be tailored to the client's power generation capability, available space, and geographic location.



Smart energy use, flexibility, cost reduction, resource-saving, and environmental efficiency are just a few of the advantages that a battery energy storage system may provide. BESSs span from simple domestic devices to large-scale systems utilized in utilities and industrial uses, with a wide variety of power and storage capacity.

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